Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sloppy Seconds?

Welcome to my new blog, "Insomniac Hamster".  
(Really, that's what you're naming it?)  
Sorry, all the other really cool names were taken.  

This is my first blog. However, it is not my first blog entry.  To see my first blog entry, click here:

Yes M'am, I entered the Real Simple Magazine First Ever Guest Blogger Contest, and I like to think, mostly to myself, and sometimes brag to my young and therefore, easily impressed, children, that I ALMOST won!  I tell myself I came in second place, though I have no proof whatsoever of this, to someone named Elisabeth Sharp McKetta.  Her entry was funny, moving, well-written and relatable --which is great, I guess, if you like that sort of thing.  (Just kidding, I'm sure Ms. McKetta is a perfectly lovely person and I'm happy for her.  Really.)  

I am told often, and to my embarrassment, that I should write.  Not write shopping lists and teacher notes, though I do these things, it seems, hourly.  But, WRITE, really write.  People say I am funny, that I have a voice that should be heard, that I am bright, witty, pithy, have a big heart,  insert adjective here _______________.  "Pshaw", I would say.  (Yeah, I said it. I said 'pshaw'.  Stick with me, reader dear, as I continue to amaze, astound and confound you with the things I say.  'Pshaw' is only the beginning...) However, after having entered a nation-wide contest, being chosen as one of nine finalists out of nearly 1000 entrants,  and, as we have previously established, coming in a close second, I have to think that maybe these people are right.  Do I have the 'write stuff'?  (Bad pun, I know, but really, are there any puns out there that don't hurt our ears?)  

So, my readers dear, I present you with my first blog.  I hope you will join me for a cup of coffee or glass of wine from time to time. 

Readers Dear:  "WAIT!!"
Me:  "What?"
RD:  What about the Hamster?  You didn't tell us about the Hamster.
Me:  Oh, well, I named my blog after him because:  The Hamster on the Wheel in my Head Never Sleeps.  Yes, really.  


  1. My interest is piqued...I will follow along. I enjoy vocabulary above the third grade level! Keep writing.

  2. Thank you so much! I will endeavor to continue to captivate you with my astounding grasp of post third grade vocabulary words! Happy New Year!